Updated 9/28/17

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On Thursday the 10th, I (Stan) was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The good news is the Dr’s say that it is something that can be “cured” or at least we can get it into remission. The bad news is that they can’t provide the treatment that I need here in Kalispell. This means that we will have to go to Seattle for my treatments. The first phase of the treatment is 4-6 weeks after which we will be able to come back to Kalispell and the Dr’s here can then follow a protocol prescribed by the Dr in Seattle. We have to leave Monday for Seattle and we (myself, Sharon and the two younger girls) will be staying in Seattle for the duration of phase one of treatment. I know with all my heart that God is in control and this is His will for us right now. He has already provided men to fill the pulpit while we are gone, Praise the Lord.

Many have asked what they can do to help, and that is a huge blessing. We first and foremost need your prayers. Please pray for me as I go through the treatment, pray for my wife and children, and then pray for our church, this will be a tough time for all of us. The other thing you can help with is financially there is going to be a great expense tied to this, we have “good” insurance that “should” cover most of the treatment but there are some very real hard costs that come with this, our housing alone is going to be between $650 and $750 per week.

Thank you in advance for your prayer and support. We greatly appreciate your love and prayers for us.


Update on Pastor Martin - he finished his 2nd round of chemo on Tues. Today he is getting platelets and a lumbar puncture. From here he has clinical appts 2-3 days a week and then another bone marrow test on 28th. After that we either get to go home to MT where he continues treatment for 8 months or stay here for another round. Please pray for home to MT. We are so homesick and I think going home would help him during this process. And help me not to go to jail for road rage LOL 😜. We love you all and thank you all so much for loving us and praying for us


Stan was discharged today 👏👏👏 thank you my dear sweet Jesus ❤️we had a great day with our friends Rickey Owens & Sommer Averbeck Owens. I think we needed a break from the norm & God sent them just in time. Thank you Victory Baptist in Fresno for making this happen & for all your prayers & love. Thank you for the pictures & poems too they are great.


My husband has had some good friends visit over the last few days - Pastor TomandDawn Lemmons and Pastor Rickey Owens. Praise the Lord for good friends who are fun and encouraging 😊❤️

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Update on Pastor Stan Martin - we got the results from the bone marrow test and the clinical trial he was on got rid of about 2/3 of the cancer. The doctor wants to see that number higher so he switched him to a different treatment plan which begins as soon as his PH level is at right amount. He is in the hospital and will be for 4-6 days. Then "home" for 2 weeks and another bone marrow test. If all looks good at that point they will strongly consider sending him back home to Montana. Please pray for the PH levels and good results after this round. Thank you all so much


Praise the Lord they got the bone marrow and he's doing good. Thank you all for praying


HE can't take my driving anymore 😜 no really praise God he feels well enough to drive he hasn't since 8/14

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Here's an update on Pastor Stan Martin, sorry for the length of message ~ He has appts every day this week from the cardiologist to the oncologist. The chemo is working its way out of his system and he is acting more like himself and has a bit more energy now, but the 2nd round starts Friday. We know that we will be here another 4 weeks at least. After this next round of chemo they will do another bone marrow test, if the results look good they may let him finish treatment in Kalispell. If not we will be here another 3 weeks or so. Please pray it's only 4 weeks. Also pray his bone marrow test on Thurs is successful.  

As for us, we are hanging in there, God is so good. The girls will go to the Hutch School starting Wed. It's a small school for children whose parents/siblings are fighting cancer. All 25 kids are from a different part of the country and all are facing the same trials. The girls are super excited, Mom's a bit nervous. Karly Hemenway is back home & we are missing her so much 😥
Many have asked what they can do to help us and of course the greatest thing you can do is pray, we are overwhelmed by the many who have been daily praying for us. And God is so faithful to always answer. Also, keep on sending the encouraging texts, cards, verses, etc. Those are a huge blessing. But the financial burden we have is huge, it's very expensive here and we have so many added expenses that we didn't have back home. It can cost up to $140 a month just for parking. 😱 If you would like to give, please go to the following link. Thank you for your love, prayers and support for us. We love you all!


My husband was able to attend church this morning & started a new trend the Elbow Bump 😜 (since he can't shake hands). Wish I took a picture. Maybe next time


Here's a little update as to what's going on with the Martin's and my health. Its been 3 weeks since I was diagnosed with ALL. We arrived in Washington on August 14 and I have now been through my first round of chemo and eight unsuccessful bone marrow biopsy's. Tonight, we are going to take Karly to Red Robin for her birthday it will be my first meal out since my first round of chemo. Next week I have doctors appointments every day and yet another bone marrow biopsy on Thursday this time under general anesthesia. On Friday I should go into the hospital for my second round of chemo therapy which takes 5 days. We will try to keep you in the loop as much as possible as things progress. We love you and we are praying for you all. Hope to see you soon


Everyone has been so faithful to pray for us, we love you all. Just a quick update, we went to his doctor appt today and everything looked as they expected with him being on chemo, he's allowed to go to church & stores once he feels up to it, and they are setting up the bone marrow test as an outpatient surgery. So all in all a good day. Continue to pray for next week as he has appts almost every day and they tend to be all day events. By the time he gets "home" he's exhausted. Thank you so much


Got to hear Dr. Gibbs this morning at Open Door Baptist great convicting messages. "What comes out of your mouth shows the real you. If your tongue is not controlled your whole body is out of control" and "Are you overwhelmed with the power of the grace of God?" Today was balm for my weary soul. - Sharon


Our Karly is here for a week ❤️ we've missed her so much the girls are beyond excited to have their sister "home". God did an amazing work in all the details to get her here and He moved so quickly knowing we needed to see her.


Happy Saturday to you, I am "home" from the hospital till my next round of Chemo. I have some specific prayer request
1. I don't get sick, fever or colds at this point would be really bad
2. Bone pain of my meds makes my bones hurt really bad, pray for relief from the pain.
3. Believe it or not they want to try another bone marrow biopsy

Thanks for all your prayers and support


I forgot to post that Stan's back home. We picked him up this morning.


My new favorite verse
Isaiah 41:10 - Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.


My husband is back at the hospital, we took him to ER around 4:30 with breathing problems. His vitals are all good except for a heart enzyme that is up due to chemotherapy which is causing the heavy breathing. They want to monitor him so it looks like he will be staying the night. He's proving to be like his wife - if it's rare it's going to happen 😉 my heart is sad 😢 because we just got him "home" but I am trusting the Lord to do what is best. Pray he can be released quickly & pray for his spirits as chemo is affecting the thoughts right now.


Praise the Lord, lumbar done. Should be out of the hospital for round 1 in about an hour


The lumbar puncture was unsuccessful because my husband's spinal erectors are so thick they can't locate his spine. They will have to try it again in the radiology dept. 😧 I told him no more powerlifting its causing all kinds of problems. LOL Thank you for praying.


Today I am on my last bag of Chemo for this round. PRAISE THE LORD!!!
I would ask you all to pray as I have a Lumbar puncture today to make sure the Leukemia has not moved into the spinal column, please be in prayer about this. Thanks again for all your prayer and support and remember GOD IS GOOD.


I finally got the girls in their own bed tonight. We have been sleeping in a queen size bed for a week now. They are like octopuses, I wake up with legs around my head and knees. I wonder how long it will take before they are in my bed tonight. Might sound kinda crazy but I miss the bed hogs



Stan's chemo is going well so far with not many side effects. He has a bit of chemo brain (fogginess, has hard time expressing thoughts), and some fatigue but other than that he is doing good. Thank you Lord. Tomorrow he will get a lumbar puncture so please be in prayer for that. Also be in prayer because the girls have colds so we can't go see him until they are better. 😥
Thank you all for the prayers.


The girls and I went to Open Door Baptist in Lynnwood today. Such sweet people there, & a great message from Pastor Murphy.


Chemo is going good so far, no bad side effects. Thank you Lord! Thank you for praying